SourceOne implements and maintains modern, efficient documentation solutions.

Most organisations still use inconsistent and inefficient documentation tools and techniques, leading to inconsistencies in content, duplication of effort and missed deadlines.

We implement single-source authoring infrastructures with automation, change control, workflow, and plain language writing techniques. You gain authoritative content and the agility to respond to changing audience requirements for document-based manuals or online help that is responsive to all device screen sizes.

SourceOne. Documentation, engineered.

Engage SourceOne today to:

  • audit your current content, tools and workflow to recommend best practices
  • implement a modern, scalable single-source documentation authoring infrastructure
  • separate the written content from brand, design and formatting
  • implement automation for easy one-click publishing of all content
  • fully document the new procedures and a plain language style guide
  • train your staff or provide our own staff to maintain content in the SourceOne way

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What is Single-Source Authoring and Multi-Channel Publishing?

Single-source content is created from reusable, authoritative "write once" text snippets and topics. The text formatting, images, branding, logos, and page layout of outputs are all maintained centrally. Content can be efficiently repurposed on demand for multiple types of outputs, branding and screen sizes.

With single-source authoring, content no longer needs to be duplicated or maintained in separate systems. End-user or trainer guides, executive white papers, administrator technical documents, policy documentation, promotional material, responsive online help and more, are all delivered from a single version of the truth via one tool.

Content can even be reformatted, rebranded and reworded and regenerated for partner organisations from the same source material using scripting, without any additional ongoing effort.

SourceOne documentation is efficiently engineered using the same techniques leveraged by best practice software developers.

SourceOne. Documentation, engineered.