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No changes to SourceOne operations.

Lowest alert level, but keep masking up on public transport. Wash/sanitise your hands after being out in shared spaces. Continue using the Covid App to check in when visiting places (so that any future community spread can be quickly contained). Be kind and helpful to others. Kia kaha!

If the alert levels change, info about council services during lockdown(s) is here:

SourceOne delivers professional product and service documentation (everything from software user guides to body corporate documentation) using efficient, modern techniques tailored to your organisation. This can include automation and integration with workflow, version control and task management systems.

Most organisations still use inefficient documentation tools and techniques, leading to inconsistencies or errors in content, duplication of effort and missed deadlines.

We implement modern single-source, topic-based authoring infrastructures with additional automation, and strongly advocate the use of plain language techniques using a style guide tailored to your requirements.

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Engage SourceOne to:

  • quickly audit your current written content, tools and workflow to recommend industry best practices

  • demonstrate and implement a modern, scalable single-source documentation authoring infrastructure

  • migrate your content and forever decouple written material from branding, design and formatting effort

  • add automation for rapid publishing of new content just in time

  • fully document the new procedures and tools, and deliver a tailored plain language style guide

  • train your staff to use the new framework, or outsource your content maintenance to us.

For more information see Services.

SourceOne. Documentation, engineered.

What is Single-Source Authoring and Multi-Channel Publishing?

Single-source content is created from reusable, authoritative "write once" text snippets and topics. The fonts, colours, logos, images, page layouts, etc., are all separated from the task of maintaining written content. Because of these techniques, content can be efficiently repurposed on demand. For example, content can be published to different file types or different target devices, re-branded, or even re-worded on the fly for customers, trainers, partners, or resellers.

Using single-source authoring, content is no longer duplicated or requires maintaining in multiple systems. End-user and trainer guides, executive white papers, technical documents, policy documentation, ebooks and responsive online help, etc., are all delivered from a single authoritative version of the truth, via one tool.

In addition, SourceOne content is engineered using some of the same techniques and tools familiar to best-practice software developers, while also being able to be maintained efficiently by anyone with just a familiarity of modern word processing software. The processes of re-publishing updated content to all outputs is also automated using scripts for convenience and efficiency.