3. Content Maintenance and Outsourcing

After the previous engagement steps are completed, your organisation will have been provided with a highly efficient documentation infrastructure and fully documented supporting procedures and a corporate style guide for technical writers.

With the SourceOne way, documentation production need never lag again.

We can then train and mentor your own technical writing staff to easily maintain and grow your content efficiently. Future staff handovers become much easier too, with fully documented procedures and included style guide. Or you can efficiently outsource your content maintenance to us on long or short-term contracts with our single-source, plain-language techniques and automation.

By using the much more efficient SourceOne documentation infrastructure, typical documentation workloads can be greatly reduced between major revisions and additions. Often permanent full-time roles for small organisations are no longer required and with outsourcing, your payroll costs and ongoing training requirements can also be reduced, etc. Typically outsourcing content maintenance is less expensive than that of a permanent in-house role and you gain the flexibility of only paying for variable workloads.

Depending on circumstances, documentation production in SourceOne solutions can be performed as efficiently via the cloud and/or VPN solutions from anywhere in the world (combined with some in-person meetings) as from the client's physical location.

SourceOne. Documentation, engineered.