1. Strategic Planning

The initial stage of a typical SourceOne engagement delivers a comprehensive Documentation Strategic Plan tailored to your requirements.

For most small to medium-sized organisations, this would involve on-site access for 2-4 weeks where we can build up organisational knowledge required for creating the strategic plan, which includes:


First, we audit the existing documentation content, tools, methods and workflows being used. Typically, this discovery phase uncovers inefficient processes and content duplication across documents and separate information "silos".

Task Identification

Next, we identify immediate and secondary documentation tasks that could be used in a proof of concept, as well as identify the typical tasks that a full SourceOne infrastructure implementation will need to support.

Issue Identification

In addition to the primary and secondary tasks identified, we detail other issues such as processes and structure that could be obstructing efficient content production in the organisation.

Best Practices

We will highlight the common industry issues, modern documentation tools and practices, and referenced industry research for further reading if required.

Strategic Recommendations

After collating all of the gathered information, the strategic report that SourceOne delivers will be tailored to your specific challenges, with clearly defined actions and estimated timeframes for an implementation phase as discussed next.

The report will also include a summary of the latest SourceOne testing of other documentation tools and research.

SourceOne prides itself in having no conflicts of interest in the products or techniques that are recommended, we are guided by your requirements and our experience.

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