SourceOne can implement the recommendations identified during strategic planning, or if that stage was skipped we can simply implement the recommended best practice solutions that we have previously used to great effect.

The initial stage of the implementation delivers a proof of concept to demonstrate functionality, including initial automation demos, with a range of key customer content. This typically requires 4-6 weeks of effort.

The next stage of the implementation begins if the proof of concept has been accepted. This will include full rollout and refinement of the single-source documentation infrastructure, including automation scripts. Depending on the volume of content, this typically requires an additional 4-8 weeks to implement for small to medium-sized organisations.

At the end of implementation, technical writers are empowered to think differently about the content they create. Instead of being document-centric, writers can focus on increasing content reusability, innovation and providing improved value, accuracy and agility to internal stakeholders and end users.

A typical SourceOne documentation infrastructure implementation

In addition to delivering a modern, scalable, single-source documentation framework for content creation and information management, the implementation also provides:

  • comprehensive instructions for using the new documentation framework

  • a Style Guide for content creators to refer to for use of plain language and formatting styles specific to the organisation.

These documents also ensure much smoother future staff handovers as they effectively act as comprehensive "desk files" for the documentation roles.

SourceOne. Documentation, engineered.