SourceOne is always looking for intelligent, passionate and innovative people.

We are truly an equal opportunities employer; for us, your background or length of experience are not as important as aptitude, an ability to learn, and a willingness to consistently demonstrate those traits for our clients.

We welcome applicants with:

  • an ability to quickly learn and master new software tools and techniques

  • experience or interest in creating documentation for software, hardware, corporate information, policy and processes

  • experience or interest in modern single-source writing techniques and software

  • experience or interest in inclusive, plain language writing, and

  • ability to think strategically and work efficiently.


Send your résumé to

Even if you are a recent graduate and your résumé is not yet fleshed out with years of experience, we will still be interested if you can demonstrate key aptitudes.

For example, as a practice exercise, we may ask you to improve some examples of documentation with plain language editing using single-source software techniques. Contact us if you need sample documents to re-engineer using some of the software we can recommend (free trial versions are available).

Many organisations still use hugely inefficient document-centric word processing techniques with embedded images and in-line formatting to create dozens or even hundreds of manuals, user guides, technical documents and whitepapers as well as in online help systems. They often have many hundreds or thousands of pages of content, with a lot of unnecessarily duplicated content (text and images) as well as formatting and branding overheads.

It is this kind of content you will be assisting us to migrate to modern, efficient solutions for our clients.

SourceOne. Documentation, engineered.